What method do you use to remove oxide scale from forging?
Feb 14 , 2022

There are many ways to remove forging scale. For example, the old method is pickling, sand blasting, steel brushing, and most of the current methods use the high-pressure water dephosphorization method of oxide scale descaling machine. What method does your forging factory use?

1.Mechanical steel brush: This method is to remove the surface oxide scale after forming the forging, which not only does not improve the production efficiency, but also takes a long time for the final grinding process.

2.Acid pickling is generally used with several pickling methods such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. However, pickling has the best effect on removing oxide scale on the surface of stainless steel, but the disadvantage is that a large amount of nitrogen dioxide is precipitated during the pickling process, which deteriorates the workshop environment. This leads to the pollution of the forging industry to the environment;

Oxide Scale Descaling Machine

3.Sand blasting is used to remove the oxide scale on the surface of the cooled forging. However, it is better to remove the oxide scale before hot forging process. Otherwise, the oxide scale will be forged and pressed into the forging during the forging hammer or hydraulic press working procedure, which will seriously cause forging surface damage. pits and affect the service life of the hot forging die;
4.The principle of high-pressure water oxide scale descaling machine is to form a fan-shaped water beam with great impact under the action of the nozzle. Under the action of the fan-shaped water jet, the oxide scale has undergone cutting, rapid cooling and shrinking, and is peeled off from the base material. Thereby improving the oxide scale on the surface of the forging. This method is one of the most feasible methods for removing oxide scale at present. The forgings before and after cleaning are certified by relevant agencies, and the mirror structure does not change, so many forging factories can use it with no worries.
Are the above methods for removing oxide scale suitable for the processing procedures of your forging plant? Is the improvement of forging quality obvious? Please share and seek the descaling method suitable for hot forging process.

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