• Nine reasons for China's fastener industry to invest in Turkey market
    Mar 15, 2024

           In recent years, with the increasing demand of automobile, motorcycle parts and construction industries in Turkey, the local fastener industry in Turkey has been developing vigorously, with more than 70 large and medium-sized fastener manufacturers in China. Reasons for choosing to invest in Turkish fastener market; 1) The fastener industry in Turkey is still relati...

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  • Why forging descaling machine?
    Mar 15, 2024

    Forging is a metal forming process that manufactures various parts. It usually requires the use of many different tools and forging equipment. But during hot forging production, a thick layer of forge scale will be generated so our forging descaling machine is required so as to remove forgings surface scale. During hot steel forging process, the metal material is heated to a hi...

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  • What is Forging Descaling Machine Used In Closed Die Forging
    Jan 17, 2024

    What is Forging Descaling Machine? Today I am writing to introduce our new advances product, the Forging Descaling Machine, and to explore potential development in forging industry. The Forging Descaling Machine is a highly efficient equipment designed to remove scale from hot forged metal components such as automotive parts, hand tools, high strength bolts and nuts, riggings and other precis...

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  • Descaling machine application for hot forging hand tools
    Dec 22, 2023

    Do you know what isforging descaling machine and its function? How descaling machine works for forging parts? What is the results after usingforging descaling machine? Today I will show you our new designed forging descaling machine which has been popularly used in automatic hot forging lines and mainly explain its using conditions in hot forged hand tools field. As hand t...

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  • Descaling machine benefit in hot forging automotive parts
    Oct 17, 2023

    Descaling machine benefit in hot forging automotive parts What is the relationship between forging descaling machine and hot forged automotive parts? Let’s continue with this descaling project. Forging industry is playing a more and more important role in many industries as high quality hot forged components are required especially in forging automotive parts. But forging scale problems are affect...

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  • Why forging descaling machine in steel forgings defects?
    Oct 11, 2023

    Why forging descaling machine in steel forgings defects? What is forging descaling machine? It is forging surface quality improvement machine which has been widely used in various hot forging parts industries such as forging automotive parts, forging hand tools, forging bolts and nuts and forging agricultural parts. Then why forging descaling machine in hot forging steel forging production? As we ...

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  • Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice
    Sep 09, 2022

    According to the national legal holiday regulations in 2022, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notice is as follows: 1. Mid-Autumn Festival holiday time: September 10th, 2022-September 12th, 2022 (3 days); 2. Work time: Go to work officially on September 13, 2022; During this period, our company will not arrange staff to be on duty. If you have any questions, please send us an email, and we will rep...

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  • Zhejiang Soute Heavy Industry came to visit
    Jan 20, 2022

    On January 12, 2022, Mr. Wang of Zhejiang Suote Heavy Industry came to our company for a visit . He was very interested in our company's 1,000-ton hot die forging automation line. Our company's high-quality products and services, strong company qualifications and reputation, and the improvement of the surface quality of forgings in China's forging industry are important reasons for attracting cust...

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