Improving forgings quality, try new product---forging-descaling machine
Feb 14 , 2022

The existence of industries will have a prominent feature or obvious trouble. In the case of hot forging in the forging industry, the problem of oxide skin has attracted much attention in the industry, and it has always been a problem that has plagued forging plants. If you want to improve the forging quality, please try our new designed equipment---forging oxide scale descaling machine.

Serious defects in forgings will cause forgings to be scrapped. If the scrap rate is high, production costs will increase. We believe that no matter which forging factory is, it will make great efforts to improve the qualification rate of forging products. Therefore, many forging factories are very interested in our forge scale cleaning descaler machine. As an industry pioneer of oxide scale cleaning machine, in terms of quality, service, and after-sales Descaling Technology oxide scale cleaning machine is at the leading level in China for 8 years.
Based on our many years of experience in the Chinese forging industry, there is a misunderstanding that the forge scale descaling machine can be used as long as the forging is heated. The warm forgings between 700-800℃ are not suitable for our descaling equipment. Because the forging will only have an oxidation reaction when it is in contact with the air in the case of hot forging, resulting in oxide scale. If the forge scale is not removed before forging, it will affect the quality of the forging, resulting in defects on the surface of the forging, affecting the appearance and accuracy. . Therefore, we will recommend that you use our scale descaler machine in the case of hot forging.

Forging Oxide Scale Descaling Machine
No matter whether your forging plant currently has a process for removing oxide scale, such as peeling machine and shot blasting machine, as long as your forging needs to remove oxide scale, please feel free to call us to inquire about the automatic phosphorus removal solution.
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