Ultra-high pressure dephosphorization equipment solves the problem of forging oxide scale
Jan 28 , 2022

Many in the forging industry have the problem of descaling on the surface of forgings. The conventional oxide scale descaling machine is only for small auto parts, wrenches, hardware tools and other forging products. In fact, many steel mills, round steel, square steel and plate mills have already used ultra-high pressure descaling equipment to remove oxide scale on the surface of hot billets.

Oxide Scale Descaling Machine

Recently, many steel, square steel or forging manufacturers with relatively large forgings have contacted Descaling Technology to inquire about ultra-high pressure oxide forging scale removal equipment. For example, a customer in Anhui, the product diameter is between 20-55, but the requirements are relatively high and need to be cleaned deeply. Descaling Technology specially customized a simple ultra-high pressure descaler machine for this customer. It needs to be directly connected to the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace. Therefore, a water pump with suitable pressure is selected, and a system for collecting and automatically removing oxide scale and frequency conversion technology are configured.

 Ultra-High Pressure Oxide Forging Scale Removal Equipment

In addition, the original descaling equipment was transported by chain, but this time, the landslide design was adopted. After the intermediate frequency electric forging furnace came out directly through the landslide, the surface of the forgings was washed with a spray-type water jet from the ultra-high pressure phosphorus removal nozzle, so that the ultra-high pressure water phosphorus removal equipment could achieve the effect expected by the customer. Forging surface treatment is very popular with ultra-high pressure oxide skin cleaning and descaling machine made by Descaling Technology.

1, The main body of the water tank is made of 304 stainless steel and painted with blue sky
2, The exit and entrance adopt integral welding with high parallelism
3, Front and back built-in baffle, less splash, easy maintenance
4,The nozzle mounting seat is welded with stainless steel, which is easy to maintain
5,Comprehensive treatment of oxide skin, less lower the temperature
6,After removing the oxide scale, the metallographic structure of the product has no chang
7,Equipped with workstation, automatically remove oxide scale, reduce maintenance
8,Equipped with cooling tower, multiple filtration

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