Hot die forging oxide scale surface treatment method
Jan 28 , 2022

For carbon steel round bars, after billet making, after roll forging, after hot forging, standard forging parts and special-shaped forging parts, the principle of high-pressure water dephosphorization descaling process can be used to remove the oxide scale on the surface of the forgings. Many forging manufacturers think that there is no need to be so troublesome, and only use shot blasting to remove the oxide scale on the surface of the cold material after annealing. This method is infeasible, it is only to remove the oxide scale problem on the surface of the forging, but does not fundamentally solve the problem caused by the oxide scale, the method of oxide scale treatment is not thorough.

Let's look at the following cases:

After the round bar is heated in the intermediate frequency induction furnace, and after direct die forging, annealing and shot blasting, it is found that the surface of the forging is very rough, leaving a large area of uneven pits. It is common for forging plants that red forging die to encounter the above thorny problems. This is because a large amount of oxide scale is produced when the bar is heated in the intermediate frequency forging furnace. These oxide scales are attached to the cabon round bar and are forged into the surface of the forging during production. Therefore, after the shot blasting oxide scale surface treatment, some attached places are left with pits. Therefore, the correct scale treatment method is to remove the scale before hot die forging, so that the scale can be prevented from being forged inside the forging pieces.

The forging scale descaling and cleaning machine developed by our company can remove the scale during the heating process of the forging, so as to prevent the scale from being forged into the forging, and effectively improve the surface quality of the forging.

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