New forging process descaling equipment for adjustable wrench
Dec 21 , 2021

Wrench is a commonly used installation and removal tool, it is a hand tool that uses the principle of leverage to turn bolts, screws, nuts and other threads to hold the openings or sleeves of bolts or nuts, the wrench is usually made of carbon or alloy structural steel.

Wrenches usually have openings or sockets on one or both ends of the handle to hold bolts or nuts, when in use, apply external force to the handle along the thread rotation direction to turn the bolt or nut. Although the structure of the wrench is simple, it plays a very important role in people’s daily life. How are such commonly used wrenches produced? There are currently two main production processes for wrenches, one is casting and the other is forging.

Casting a wrench is to melt the bar material into a liquid, then pour it into a wrench-shaped mold cavity, and wait for it to solidify to form a complete wrench, casting wrenches are relatively poor in hardness and wear resistance, if you want to increase the hardness and wear resistance, you need to add gold element chromium (Cr), but the price of chromium is very high, adding chromium will increase the cost of the wrench, as a result, the profitability of the cast wrench in the market has decreased.

The forging wrench is to heat the bar material, and then put it on the die forging equipment such as CNC full hydraulic die forging hammer for forging. After initial forging and precision forging, it can be directly forged into shape. Because of the high speed of the forging hammer, the forged wrench has a high deformation, which fully changes the internal structure of the wrench and increases the density of the forging. Therefore, the wrench forged with a CNC die forging hammer has high hardness and strong wear resistance.

The CNC full hydraulic die forging hammer is a modern program-controlled precision forging equipment, controlled by PLC, with high strike precision. Forging energy can be digitally controlled, it is the main forging equipment for a series of precision forgings such as automobiles, aerospace, aviation, hand tools, motorcycles, etc. CNC die forging hammers can also cooperate with robots to form a fully automatic production line, reducing labor costs, saving costs for enterprises, and giving forgings more market advantages.

The following introduces a supporting equipment for wrenches to remove surface oxide scale, forging descaling machine, which can effectively improve the oxide scale generated on the surface of hot die forging products, thereby improving the surface quality of forgings, reducing raw materials, and indirectly increasing the service life of the molds.

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