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Connecting Rods Oxide Scale Standard Descaling Machine

Connecting Rods Oxide Scale Standard Descaling Machine is applicable to the oxide scale cleaning of connection rods forgings. And it can clean the oxide skin of 15-120mm diameter round bars after heating in induction forging furnace,and also could clean the size under 220*120mm heated billets.

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                                Connecting Rods Oxide Scale Standard Descaling Machine

Connecting rod is one of the main transmission parts of engine, which bears extremely variable dynamic load in work. Therefore, in the process design of connecting rod, the requirements for dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and position accuracy are very high. The oxide skin generated on the forging surface will reduce the carbon content on the hot billet surface. The higher the heating temperature, and heating times and the thicker the oxide skin gets. The auto connecting rod has strict requirements for oxide scale. Therefore, in addition to the above heating temperature, the heating times of the blank must be controlled to minimize the oxide scale thickness.

Aiming at the problem of oxide scale, the principle of oxide scale removal by high pressure water is feasible. High pressure water descaling technology has experienced two stages: mechanical descaling and blasting descaling. Up to now, it is an efficient descaling method. At present, it is widely used in hot die production, which helps enterprises have good results in reducing cost, improving production efficiency, improving product quality and so on.

Connecting Rod Forging descaling machine has been widely used in many connecting rod production lines, which is very useful for the surface treatment of connecting rod forgings.

Forging Descaling Machine for Connecting Rods

The descaling machine from Descaling technology, the main body of the equipment is composed of a pressure system, a transmission system and a filtration system. The three systems jointly use the principle of high-pressure water descaling to complete the cleaning process of the forging scale.

The high-pressure water descaling system is adopted, and the high-pressure water generated by the high-pressure water pump enters the descaling nozzle and is sprayed on the surface of the forging (or intermediate billet). The oxide scale has undergone the process of being cut, rapidly cooled and contracted, peeled from the base material, and washed away from the surface of the forging, thereby removing the oxide scale.

Pump Pressure Forging Descaling Machine
Oxide Scale Filter Forging Descaler
The descaling machine is equipped with two water tanks. The water tank has a built-in filter screen and a net basket to form the filter system of the equipment to prevent oxide scale from entering the water pump and affect the service life of the equipment. At the same time, it is equipped with a magnetic shovel to clean the oxide scale in the water tank.
The frequency conversion motor and the chain constitute the transmission system, which is responsible for transporting the forgings for the cleaning process. The transmission speed of the chain can be adjusted to ensure that the temperature of the forgings after cleaning is small, which is conducive to subsequent forging.

Speed Control Chain Descaling Machine

1,The main body of the water tank is made of 304 stainless steel and painted with blue sky

2,The exit and entrance adopt integral welding with high parallelism

3,Front and back built-in baffle, less splash, easy maintenance

4,Integral cover to protect pump motor

5,Compared with the conventional descaling machine, the flow rate is large, and it is suitable for the refractory oxide scale products

6,The nozzle mounting seat is welded with stainless steel, which is easy to maintain

7,Comprehensive treatment of oxide skin, less lower the temperature

8,After removing the oxide scale, the metallographic structure of the product has no chang

Name Model Dimension(mm) Equipment power Pump brand Flow
Big High configuration descaling machine
Nanfang pump
Suitable for bar diameter(mm)
Width and height after blank making(mm)
Number of nozzles
Transmission motor specification
304 stainless steel
Speed control motor

Hot Forgings Cleaning And Descaling Machine

Hydraulic Press with Descaling Machine Process

Oxide Scale Desscaling Machine In China

1. What kind of forging pieces is descaling machine suitable for?

The descaling machine is applicable to the forging production line. It can clean the oxide scale generated after heating by induction furnace and effectively improve the surface quality of products.
2. How to choose the model of descaling machine? Can it be customized?
You can select the corresponding standard model through the diameter of the round bar and the size of the billet after making. For details, please check the parameter navigation bar of the webpage. If there is a need for customization, we can also provide customized services according to the customer's raw material size and process.
3. How to daily maintain descaling equipment?
We will recommend that customers regularly clean the oxide scale in the water tank. You only need to use a magnetic shovel to remove most of the oxide scale. But also regularly replace the water in the water tank to ensure a normal filtration cycle.
4. Does the principle of high-pressure water descaling change the metallographic structure?
This method has been tested by a third-party organization. The test report shows that there is no change in the metallographic structure before and after cleaning, which has no effect on the later process.
5. How effective is the descaling machine? Is there a reference video for descaling equipment?
Descaling Technology has served more than a thousand forging factories in China, and received a large number of market feedback results. Regarding the on-site use of the equipment, please click into official YouTube account as below for more information.

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