How to improve the defects of precision gear forging
Apr 15 , 2022

Gear precision forging forming is an advanced manufacturing technology with high quality, high efficiency and low consumption, which is widely used in mass production of automobile tooth parts. Customers who produce auto parts and gears came to us and said that the precision of their forged gears could not meet the requirements, so we recommended them our forging scale descaling machine to help them solve their problems.

car gears before and after cleaning

The forging process of gears can be summarized as: heating-upsetting-pre-forging-final forging-trimming. In fact, the accuracy and surface quality of gears are all related to the forge oxide scale (oxide scale is also called phosphorus scale) produced when the forgings are heated. That is to say, forging oxide scale is an important factor which causes the gear surface quality. Choosing a good forge scale removal equipment is an effective way to improve forgings quality.

According to carbon steel round bar size, customers can choose different types of oxide scale cleaning descaler machines. According to the actual needs, customers use double-pump oxide skin removal descaler equipment, the pressure of which can reach 2.5-3.0 MPA. The principle of high-pressure water descaling system is adopted, a fan-shaped water jet is sprayed on the surface of the forging through a nozzle after the forging is heated. Under the action of the high-pressure fan-shaped water jet, the scale undergoes the process of cutting, quenching and shrinking, peeling off from the base material and being washed away from the surface of the hot billet (or intermediate billet), so as to clean the oxide scale.

double pump descaling machine

After using the descaling scale cleaning machine, you no longer have to worry about gear surface defects. Accuracy and appearance meet the requirements, the qualification rate of forgings is greatly improved. No worry about oxide skin anymore. Please feel free to contact at 18952058568 if your forging factory needs forging descaler machine.

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