How to realize the perfect connection between automatic forging production line and forge scale descaling machine?
Apr 25 , 2022
Since the outbreak of the new epidemic, the epidemic prevention work has been strengthened, the factory lacks employees, and the stagnation of production and logistics has led to the shutdown of automobile factories such as Tesla. Key forged parts are stuck, delaying delivery. In this niche forging industry, we still choose to continue to work hard, persist in learning during the epidemic, integrate resources, and contribute to the forging industry.

Our production, technical and marketing personnel and other related personnel held a meeting on April 12th on how to make forging descaling machine better adapt to automation.

automatic forging descaling machine

At present, our company has a production line for hot die forging gears, including disc saw blanking, robot clamping to the material frame, tipping machine feeding, electric furnace heating, walking beam, MP-1000 hot die forging press, conveyor belt, etc. which are used for multi-station automatic forging production of precision gear forgings.
1.The steel round bar cut by the saw circular is clamped by the robot to the material frame of the tipping machine, and then fed by the tipping machine to the heating furnace for heating. The bar is heated to the set temperature by the heating induction coil at a continuous and uniform predetermined speed. The unqualified bar is removed by the indexing and sorting mechanism, and the qualified bar is sent to the iron scale descaling machine for cleaning by the quick discharging mechanism.
2.After cleaning by the forging descaling machine, the bar will automatically slide into the hopper chute of the conveying device, so that the bar will stand upright, which is convenient for clamping by the clamping jaws of the conveying device.
3.The bar is clamped to the module conveying device front end of the walking beam by robot and automatically conveyed to the hot forging press.
4.The hot forging press has three forging stations: upsetting, pre-forging and precision forging. During this period, the walking beam is used to clamp the bar for forward transportation.

5.After the precision forging is finished, it will be conveyed to the quality material frame by conveying chain, and then the robot clamps the material to the punching machine for trimming. After trimming is finished, the product automatically slides into the designated material frame.

forging automatic product line

There are some problems in the butt joint between the oxide scale forging descaling machine and the manipulator. This paper discusses in depth how to position the bar when it slides down and passes through the dephosphorization machine. Forging automation equipment has gradually become the main forging forming equipment in the domestic forging industry. More and more enterprises conform to the social development, and automation technology is attached importance by enterprises, which improves the consistency of products and provides opportunities for the leaping development of forging enterprises. Nanjing Descaling Technology is such an enterprise which focuses on the forging automation development, and solves a series of problems such as difficult recruitment and low efficiency for forging enterprises.
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