Forging Automation
Mar 29 , 2022

With the increasing cost of labor, automation and intelligence of production have become the only way for industrial development, and it is an inevitable trend for robots to replace labor. Especially in forging enterprises, forging is a part of traditional labor-intensive industries. The manufacturing environment of forging enterprises is poor, and the high temperature and high dust environment forces employees to stay away from this industry. In the current process of industrial development, there is bound to be the application demand of automation. With the development of industrial automation technology in China, the application of forging industrial robots is becoming more and more common, the technology is becoming more and more mature, and the adaptability to forging operation conditions is greatly improved, which provides a good condition for the upgrading of forging automation.

Forging Automation Descaler Machine

So what is forging automation? Forging automation is to replace labor with forging manipulator or industrial forging robot, so as to improve production efficiency and save labor cost, and help to gradually expand production scale, effectively lead the transformation and upgrading of traditional production mode and promote enterprise development. The industrial forging robot is used to complete the process series of the production line, and the whole line interlocking control used to simplify the intervention process of operators, automatically record, analyze and process the production information, and realize the flexible production. The forging robot is automatically controlled by the advanced computer and program, which can completely replace the manual work, complete the work with high risk, simple repeatability and high labor intensity, such as continuous feeding, turnover and blanking in the forging production process, and at the same time effectively reduce the labor intensity and risk, improve the degree of production automation and improve the production efficiency.

The automatic forging production line can meet the automatic production requirements of metal forging, such as automatic loading and unloading, mold release agent spraying, trimming, deburring, etc. A group of multi-station forging forming production lines can be built by multiple robots and multiple presses, which can realize batch production and improve forging quality and consistency. Usually, a heating furnace, a forging scale cleaner, a press, a robot, a conveyor, a transfer table, a robot, a mold spray lubrication device and a master control system are equipped in a forging production line. Some of them are also equipped with a roll forging machine and a twisting machine. According to the different production processes, the configured equipment is also different. For titanium alloy and aluminum alloy forging, due to the strict control of initial forging temperature and final forging temperature, it is necessary to fit a temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the blank, and the mold is equipped with a heating device to preheat the forging die.

Forging Robot Arm Manipulator

Robots and manipulators are the most commonly used workpiece conveying equipment in the automatic forging production line, which can complete the transformation of workpieces between various mold stations and the transfer of workpieces between various equipment. The robot has the advantages of good flexibility and high reliability. The advantages of manipulator are the strong pertinence and close combination with the production line equipment and space. Manipulators are poor in flexibility due to fewer axes of motion than robots.
After the robots are put into use according to the production rhythm of the main engine, the whole forging automation production line equipments can run in an orderly manner which indirectly improve the equipment utilization rate by reducing the production auxiliary time; Production personnel take part in production with "management" instead of "operation". The whole production line realizes unmanned automatic production except for initial feeding. Product process parameters can be transferred according to actual production, which avoids the instability of product quality caused by personnel mishandling. At the same time, as the robot replaces the manual for transshipment, automatic fault prompt and alarm are realized, which ensures the safety in production, prevents equipment damage and casualties to the greatest extent, and realizes the automatic forging production of the whole line.
Many forging factories in China now has add the forging scale cleaning machine to the automatic line, and take the surface treatment of forge scale as a standard process to the manufacturing process of forgings. Descaling Technology oxide scale cleaning machine, which covers foreign markets exclusively with great advantages in the export of forging oxide scale cleaning machine and good after-sales service. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us and we will provide the best oxide scale removal solution for your reference.
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