The importance of descaling machines for CV joint manufacturer
Dec 21 , 2021

The ConstantVelocityJoint is a component on the car, also called a constant velocity universal joint. The function of a constant velocity universal joint is to connect two rotating shafts with an angle between the shafts or a change in mutual position, and make the two shafts at the same angular velocity. Transmitting power, it can overcome the unequal speed problem of ordinary cross-shaft universal joints, and is especially suitable for the use of steering drive axles.

In the steering drive axle, the front wheel is both the driving wheel and the steering wheel. The deflection angle during steering is large, and the maximum can reach more than 40°. At this time, the traditional ordinary universal joint with a small deflection angle cannot be used. Ordinary universal joints will have great fluctuations in speed and torque when the deflection angle is large. It is difficult for the power of the automobile engine to be smoothly and reliably transmitted to the wheels, and it will also cause the vibration, shock and noise of the automobile. Therefore, a constant velocity universal joint with large deflection angle, stable power transmission, and uniform angular velocity must be used to meet the requirements.

Some time ago, our company came to a customer from Changzhou, who is a manufacturer of ConstantVelocityJoint. Seeing our official website, he was seldom interested in our descaling machine, because their customers said that the products they made were not accurate enough. The surface is full of pits, which cannot reach their production requirements. This is because the oxide scale has not been removed. During forging, the oxide belt is inserted into the inside of the product, which causes the surface of the product to be uneven and appear. So they have seen many non-qualified products, and called us immediately when saw our descaling machine and the equipment will be used within a week. After using it, they are very satisfied with our equipment and give them the accuracy of the product. It has improved a lot, and it means their new line will continue to use our descaling machine.

We hereby express our heartfelt thanks to our customers for their trust and support. We hope that more and more forging manufacturers will use our equipment to help you improve your products.Consultation hotline 18952058568

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