Application of Descaling machine in crankshaft forging production line
Dec 21 , 2021

Intermediate frequency heating process in crankshaft forging production line, after the crankshaft blank is heated, the oxide scale produced on the surface of the blank is a major cause of the surface quality defects of forged products,for precision forgings with relatively large non-machined surfaces, oxide scale has more significant impact on the surface quality of the products. This requires Descaling machine to be used in crankshaft forging production line.

The traditional method of removing oxide scale mainly includes mechanical vibration, but this method has obvious drawback, it relies on the vibration of the mechanical roller to drive the blank to vibrate, so the oxide scale on the surface of the blank is peeled off and removed. In addition, the uneven surface of the mechanical roller also provides a auxiliary effect for removing the oxide scale this method can basically remove part of the oxide scale, But due to the self-weight of the blank, while vibrating, it has a great impact on the mechanical structure of the whole device, so this device is extremely vulnerable, the cost of maintenance and repair is very high.

High-pressure water jetting is a common method of descaling in many countries, due to the high investment, relatively few applications in China, not much used in the forging industry, what we can see is the ultra-high pressure equipment customized by Descaling Technology for our old customers. The pressure of the water pump used in the traditional high-pressure water descaling device is very high, frequent start and stop use of pumps and nozzles are easy to wear, in addition to the high cost of imported pumps and nozzles, So it is extremely difficult to promote in China’s forging industry.

In order to solve the problem of the oxide scale produced during the forging production process of crankshaft and improving the surface quality of forgings, Descaling technology has developed a cost-effective high-pressure water descaling equipment, easily remove the oxide scale on the surface of the forging in 3-5 seconds, no need for high-cost use of ultra-high pressure and replaced it, regular size can all be cleaned, and the removal rate can reach more than 90%.Users in need can call for consultation 18952058568

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