Important and Difficult Problems in Forging Industry(Second Part)
Jun 08 , 2022

Sheet metal manufacturing has become a big industry in the modern industrial system, but in the technical field, it has not been listed separately as a special technical system.

Display of oxide skin cleaning machine

Sheet metal and production has the biggest characteristics in the field of equipment manufacturing. One is to make "exterior parts", which is vividly called "wedding clothes" of equipment by some people; the second is to be the "skeleton" of machinery, and the third is to be a "functional part or structural part" alone. Of course, some are directly a part or component, which has basically the same function as other processes.

Based on the diversified needs of supporting fields, the biggest characteristics of sheet metal and fabricated parts production are small batch, multiple varieties and multiple batches. According to the requirements of supporting industries, there are also cases of mass production. For demands like oxide scale cleaning machine, sheet metal and forming process are particularly important steps. The manufacture of sheet metal plays an important role in the precision of iron oxide skin descaling machine.

With the increase of industry entrants and the upgrading of products and services, the polarization of sheet metal manufacturing enterprises is serious. Especially with the arrival of the post-epidemic era, sheet metal manufacturing enterprises begin to speed up the reshuffle, and technologically backward enterprises are gradually eliminated by the market. After the test of epidemic situation in recent years, the shortage of human resources is unstable, and more and more enterprise managers obviously feel the urgency of informatization and automation transformation. If you want to make information automation transformation, you need to invest money, have the support of competent technical management personnel, have professional knowledge reserves and other conditions and preconditions, but the difficulty now is that most sheet metal manufacturing enterprises do not have these conditions.

Comparison diagram before and after cleaning of descaling machine

In the forging industry, equipment manufacturers need the accumulation of technology and experience, the continuous improvement of equipment design and manufacturing "skills", and the perfect matching of functional components. We need a large number of people who know the technology and equipment, and we also need to strengthen the strong cooperation between equipment and users. Taking Nanjing descaling machine as an example, the sheet metal manufacturers who cooperated with it played a particularly important role in the long-term stable operation of its equipment, thus ensuring the effective removal of scale on the surface of downstream forged products.
Metal forming equipment manufacturers must adhere to the reliability and stability of products, must adhere to humanization, and must persist in continuous improvement. On this basis, innovation is the only way out.

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