Important and Difficult Problems in Forging Industry(First Part)
May 25 , 2022
Driven by national policy support and market development, the scale of China's forging industry has been ranked first in the world. However, there are still many important and difficult problems in forging and forging related production. There are a large number of forging enterprises in China, most of which have small production scale, relatively backward equipment, low technical level, low industry concentration and fierce market competition, so they cannot achieve significant scale effect. However, some enterprises lacking in equipment and technology disrupt the normal market order and affect the development and progress of the industry through vicious price-oriented competition.carbon steel forging machine
In this regard, CONFEDERATION OF CHINESE METALFORMING INDUSTRY made a survey in November 2021. The investigation results show that the lack of equipment reliability and high failure rate account for 20.93%, the information talents and training account for 25.33%, the contradiction between product characteristics and diversity and the adaptability of forging automation line and the process design account for 17.46%, which has become the most concerned problem, truly reflects the problems existing in the industry, and points out the direction that industry enterprises, experts and colleagues need to work hard. In forging production, the quality and skills of personnel, the reliability and stability of equipment, and the strong technical design force are the main line of the development and progress of the industry forever, and the foundation for enterprises to have core competitiveness, so they should not be careless.
In the forging industry, the forging process and equipment using difficulty is also one of them. It is also a very important point in how to choose forging equipment types. Heating electric furnace, forging hammer, press and other equipment are needed in forging, but many enterprises have neglected the iron oxide skin descaling machine. Nanjing Descaling oxide scale cleaning machine is used in many forging production lines. It conforms to the overall layout of the forging production line, assists each step to form control in the case of multi-stations, and maintains the long-term running stability of the forging production line. Moreover,the oxide scale cleaning machine in treating the surface of forgings greatly improves the quality of forgings and saves a lot of raw materials and labor.surface treatment by descaling machine
At present, "the integrated process technology from materials to forged products" is being established all over the world, the surface treatment of forged products is also an important link in the process. While trying to find "commonness", we should also establish a law to determine "characteristics", which requires our industry to pay special attention to. Nowadays, the state advocates to improve industrial chain and supply chain construction, and enterprises begin to attach importance to the process chain construction, which provides certain opportunities for the development of the industry. Hope this momentum can be continuously strengthened to promote the healthy and high-quality development of the industry.
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