Measures for improving surface quality of forgings in Chinese market
Jun 17 , 2022
Do you know what forging is? Do you know something about forging? Do you know what problems and difficulties will occur in the forging process? Do you know what is the most common problem in forging? And how to solve it? For example how to use the newest forging descaling machine to remove forge scale?

In fact, forging is very common in our life, but we have no direct contact with it. Our clothing, food, housing and transportation may all involve forged things, such as equipment and machines for making clothes. Some of our knives are also forged, not to mention transportation. Most auto parts are forged. Forging parts are very close to our daily life.

Car Accessories Descaling machine

In China's forging industry, in view of the presence of furnace scale in the forging process, many forging plants have added forging oxide scale removal equipment to the process, and the forge scale still has a great impact on forgings. If it is not removed before forging, the whole product will seriously become a waste product. Before, many forging factories used acid pickling or steel brush to remove furnace scale, and the effect was not very ideal.

There is a better way to teach you how to use a forging descaling machine before forging, which is more effective than pickling and steel brushing, and can effectively remove the oxide skin on the surface of forgings. This method is used in many forging plants, and everyone uses it very well. Therefore, it is recommended that you place a forging descaling equipment before forging, so as to easily remove the oxide skin, improve the surface quality of forgings, improve production and save costs.

 Comparison diagram before and after bar cleaning

Do you still use acid pickling or other methods to remove forging scale? You can try a new way to add a forge scale removal device to help you remove the forged scale efficiently and quickly. You can visit to select the most suitable model.

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