How to forge precision gears for automobiles
Mar 18 , 2022

Gear is a widely used workpiece in industrial development. Gear forgings are usually selected in auto parts and large-scale important equipment. The production of gear forgings is to draw forging drawings according to the basic drawings of gear drawings and combined with the forging process characteristics of forging plants, considering the factors such as surplus blocks, forging allowance and forging tolerance.

In the forging process of gear, because the gear forging is a cake shape or hollow forging, according to the characteristics that its transverse size is greater than or close to the height, it is generally mainly upsetting. When the gear forging has a shoulder, the backing ring upsetting or local upsetting can be selected according to the shoulder size. If the hole in the gear forging needs to be punched out, it also needs to be punched. After that, the process of reaming and end face leveling shall be carried out.

Car Gears Forging Sureface Treatment

Using the above forging process, the gear blank can be forged, and then the gear forging can be manufactured as long as cutting and forming. There are many forging factories, in the forging process of gear forgings, they also add forge scale removal descaling equipment to increase the precision of forgings. Forging auto robot manipulator can also be added to realize automation.

Auto Gears Automation Production Line

In the process of forging gears, we all know that electric induction furnace should be used for heating. After heating, the forging will produce oxidation reaction in contact with air, resulting in forge oxide scale. This oxide skin will seriously affect the quality of gears. Because it is furnace generated oxide scale and is relatively hard, it must be cleaned by oxide scale cleaning and descaling machine before forging, so as not to have too much impact on the quality of gears. If your forging factory also has the problem of oxide scale, please contact Nanjing Descaling Technology. We could provide the most professional descaling solution for you according to your forging products.

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