"It" can make your forgings worthless———forged oxide scale
Nov 24 , 2021

Worthless, as the name suggests, it means that it has no value for use and cannot meet the requirements. In many manufacturing units, no matter food, daily necessities, and tools, there will be more or less waste products in the production process. Today we will analyze the causes of waste in the forging production process at the forging plant. There are basically the following points:  ①cutting equipment problem; ②forging equipment problem; ③annealing problem; ④processing method problem; ⑤artificial issues.

A common problem with a high scrap rate in forging plants is the processing method. Everyone knows that the defects that may occur in the forging and heating process of metals include symptoms such as oxidation, decarburization, overheating, over burning, and cracking. Correct heating should minimize or prevent these defects.

Taiwan Forging factories hate oxide scale, which not only reduces the quality of products, but also reduces the life of abrasive tools, and seriously causes many forgings to be called wastes “worthless". First of all, the oxide scale on the surface of the forging will cause metal loss, which will not only reduce the surface quality of the forging, but the oxide scale attached to the surface of the forging will cause unevenness in the structure and performance of the forging during heat treatment. The oxide scale has a high hardness, which will accelerate the wear of the die forging cavity during die forging, and will accelerate the damage of the tool during machining. In addition, the oxide scale is alkaline and falls off in the furnace of the heating furnace to react chemically with acidic refractory materials, shortening the life of the heating furnace.

Based on its scale problem, Descaling Technology started to study descaling equipment as early as 2014, after years of development and update. At present, the descaling machine of Descaling Technology is very mature. Thousands of forging plants have added the process of scale cleaning during the forging process, and the surface quality of the product has been improved significantly. Since then, descaling machine from Descaling Technology became the gospel of the forging factory.

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