German customers visit Nanjing Descaling Technology
Dec 22 , 2021

German customers of the world's top 100 enterprises visited Nanjing Descaling technology and had cordial exchanges with the general manager and technical team of Descaling Technology, jointly discussed problems in the fields of product automation production and quality control. Both parties shared the experience offorge productionandforging quality managementbetween China and Germany.

At the same time, German customers also came to the front line of production, felt the product production of Descaling Technology at a close distance, highly praised the practice of such fine management concepts as dust-free, noise-free, clean and orderly, and praised the production workshop managed by Descaling Technology as clean and orderly as the laboratory managed by Germany, It has become the benchmark of forging automation industry.

The Leader personally led German customers to visit many automatic production lines such as forging scale cleaning machine, forging line automatic trimming machine which independently developed by Descaling Technology. Customers spoke highly of the company's product quality and technological innovation, and the exchange ended in a pleasant atmosphere.Descaling Technology Service hotline: 18952058568

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