Nantong Forging Customers Visit Descaling Technology
Dec 23 , 2021

Descaling Technology sales department received a phone call from Nantong Aimuxi Mr. Wang to inquire how to remove the oxide skin on the forging surface after heating by the induction furnace during hot forging. After our sales department sent the video about the use of oxide skin descaling machine on each forging production line to the customer, the customer was very excited and decided to come to visit and brought his own carbon steel round bar, and test the effect of descaling process. The customer is very satisfied with the effect of the descaling forging scale cleaning machine.

The customer led the forging workshop team to visit our descaling equipment, walking beam, forging automation workshop and scientific and technological intelligent exhibition hall. They highly recognize our strength and business philosophy, especially our forging automation project and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate in the future. During the whole visit, the customers asked many questions about our iron scale cleaning equipment, such as the material of the equipment, the current proportion of our equipment in the forging industry, whether it will affect the metallographic structure of forgings after use, and how is the temperature drop after forgings passes through Scale Removal Device . Our salesperson was very patient and responsible to answer them one by one, and the customers were also very satisfied. They decided to purchase a forge scale cleaning machine first, and then focus on forging automation line in the later stage. The contract for scale cleaning machine was signed with our company on site!

Nantong aimushi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture. For many years, it has been committed to the development and production of high-pressure oil pipe joints, hydraulic mechanical parts, auto parts, high-voltage electrical appliances and other products involving precision machining. The products are mainly supplied to Komatsu, KYB Co., Ltd., Shengang construction machinery, Sany Heavy machinery, China Longgong, Rongan heavy industry, Hitachi construction machinery American caterpillar, German BMW, British JCB, Shanghai Siyuan, Volvo and other international well-known machinery manufacturers. Therefore, the requirements for the surface quality of forged products are relatively high, and the oxide scale has been bothering them for a long time. So they decided to use the phosphorus removal equipment developed by Descaling Technology. No matter from the production and after-sales service of the equipment, our company will provide perfect services to ensure that the equipment can effectively remove the oxide scale of forgings on the hot forging line.

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