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Oxide scale cleaning machine is used in automatic forging gear production line
Sep 22 , 2021

●Project name: Oxide scale cleaning machine is used in automatic forging gear production line

●Project introduction: Our customer is a domestic forging company with advanced intelligent production line for forging gears, fully automated production, including automatic cutting of circular saws, forging induction furnace, descaling machine, hot die forging hammer, stepping beam forging, robot forging. An integrated intelligent manufacturing line for loading and unloading, truss mechanical arm trimming, automatic graphite lubrication, graphite recycling, and informatization. Looking for a high-quality scale cleaning machine to have better surface treatment.

● Project location: Nanjing, China

● Cooperation year: June 2019 to present

● Product model: Customized non-standrad descaling machine

Surface treatment for descaling machine

● Gear precision forging is a high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-consumption advanced manufacturing technology, which is widely used in the mass production of automotive tooth-shaped parts. Customers who produce gears for auto parts found us and said that the precision of their forged gears did not meet the requirements, so they phurchased the descaling machine from us to help them solve their problems.

● The forging process of gears can be summed up as: heating-roughing-pre-forging-final forging-trimming. The accuracy and surface quality of the gear are actually related to the oxide scale produced when the forging is heated. Oxide skin on top of the forgings is an important factor in the quality of gears. Choosing a useful descaling removal equipment is an effective way to improve forgings quality.

Chinese best automatic production line

● Different types of scale cleaning machines can be selected according to the size of the customer’s forgings. The above customers chose double-pump descaling equipment according to actual needs, the pressure can reach 2.5-3.0MPA, and the principle of high-pressure water descaling is adopted. After the forging is heated, a fan-shaped water jet is sprayed to the surface of the forging through the nozzle. Under the action of this high-pressure fan-shaped water jet, the iron oxide scale undergoes a process of being cut, rapidly cooled and contracted, peeled from the base material, and washed to leave the surface of the hot billet , thereby removing the iron oxide scale.

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