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Hardware Tools Descaling Machine Case
Sep 22 , 2021

●Project name: Hardware Tools Descaling Machine Case

●Project introduction: Shaoxing Keqiao Jinyu Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang province. In the past 12 years since the company has grown, they have always been providing all kinds of precision forgings, mainly engaged in production and processing: forgings of hardware tools, mechanical parts, auto parts-cross shaft.

Precision Forgings Descaling Machine

● Project location:

●Cooperation year: December 2020 to present

●Product model:Small Standard Descaling Machine

Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to strict surface quality of forgings, producing cross shafts that meet the high-end market, and has successively purchased 3 descaling machines. The reason why they chose Nanjing Descaling:

First: 6 years of research and development and production of oxide scale equipment, with mature technology and market experience; Second: The scale cleaning machine has high efficiency, which can clean a product in 3-5 seconds, which not only realizes the improvement of product quality, but also at the same time, it has a certain protective effect on the die and prolongs the service life of the die. Third: With perfect after-sales service, the company enjoys a good market reputation in the forging equipment industry.

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