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Auto Door Hinge Oxide Scale Descaling Case
Sep 22 , 2021

●Project description:Descaling removal case of door hinge in forging factory

●Project introduction: The main business scope of our customers is automobile forgings, hardware precision forgings, and the most popular products are auto parts. Door hinges are supplied to automobile brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Jaguar and other world famous brands. After using the descaling machine, the company has effectively improved the surface quality of precision forgings, and the international market competitiveness of auto forgings has been greatly improved.

● Project location:Nanjing,China

●Cooperation year: February 2017 to present

●Product model: Descaling equipment of various models for different kinds of forgings

In the forging process of automobile door hinges, there are generally a series of processes such as blanking, heating, pre-forging, precision forging, forming, and trimming. During the forging and heating process, induction furnace generated oxide scale will be produced. If the oxide scale is not removed, it will not only waste raw materials, increase costs, but also affect the accuracy, quality and appearance of the product. Brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW have very high requirements for product hardness, precision, and appearance, and there must be no flaws. In the past, the door hinges were forged had oxide scale pits on the surface, which required manual polishing, which not only wasted time, but also had low efficiency. When customer starts to use oxide scale cleaning machine, because the surface quality of forgings has been greatly improved orders became more and more prosperous.The forge scale cleaning machine developed by us has been used in the Chinese market for six years and has helped many forging manufacturers improve the surface quality of forging products.

Descaling Machine for Auto door Hinges

Nanjing Descaling Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in scale cleaning machines. It has been a leader in the scale cleaning machine industry, with a market share of more than 80%, and has received praise from customers at home and abroad. We have long-term cooperation customers in Japan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.

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