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Manufacturers know that the oxide scale produced by induction furnace heating is very stubborn to adhere to the surface of the workpiece. If it is not processed before forging, it will have a great impact on the quality of the product and waste raw materials. Before the billet enters the forging process, through the high-pressure water descaling process, 99% of the phosphorous skin on the surface of the billet will be removed, which greatly improves the surface quality of the forging and the quality of the forging product, and can reduce the workload of subsequent machining. The machined surface requires a certain degree of dimensional accuracy, and the excess unevenness must be removed. Because the forging production line is equipped with a high-pressure water descaling system, it reduces the machining allowance for subsequent machining and improves the production efficiency of the factory. The potential cost of this part can not be ignored, including the loss of man-hours and materials. Let's analyze in detail through two customer use cases.

1. Removal of scale on automotive gear parts

The customer requirements for the production of automotive gear forgings are very high. We have such a customer who produces gears. Before using the descaling machine from Descaling Technology, the net weight of a single blank gear blanking is 1.83kg, and the round bar blanking The required weight is 1.90kg. After using our Descaling machine, the blanking weight of the round bar has been saved to 1.85kg, which is equivalent to saving 0.05kg of raw materials for a product, a single raw material Although the weight is small, if it is mass production of 100 million pieces, we can save 500kg of raw materials. If a gear processing factory needs to produce gears for a long time, it may be 100,000 pieces, 1 million pieces or more, saving What comes down is a very substantial cost of raw materials.

2. Forging connecting rod production line can reduce the energy consumption of forging billet heating

The application of the high-pressure water descaling system can help the forging connecting rod production line save more than 530 tons of raw materials every year, which is equivalent to the total amount of raw materials for this production line for 5 days. The power consumption for 5 days is about: 7000KW/HX20H/day X 5 days=700,000 KWH, the application of the high-pressure water descaling system can save about 700,000 KWH of electric energy each year. If the entire factory is calculated based on 5 production lines, 3.5 million billets will be heated to save energy.

It can be seen that in the era of rising raw material and labor costs, the descaling machine from Nanjing Descaling Technology not only brings you a forging equipment, but also provides the forging industry with the gospel of the long-term development of the company!

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