Improve surface quality

During the heating process of the forging, as the induction heating furnace is processed, the surface of the forging will produce oxide scale. If the oxide scale is not removed in time, it will enter the forging process along with the forging, causing pits on the surface of the forging and uneven forging defects. This is the main reason for the uneven surface of the forging, and some of the oxide scale will be brought into the mold and damage the abrasive tool. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the oxide scale.

Forging factories have always been troubled by the problem of oxide scale on forged parts. The earliest way to remove the oxide scale was to brush it off with a wire brush. Later, a peeling machine appeared, followed by a high-pressure water gun flushing, some forging manufacturers do not have high requirements for forgings, and directly use upsetting to remove the oxide scale. However, some of the deficiencies are that some oxide scales cannot be cleaned up and are brought into the forgings, which affects the surface quality of the forgings, and they gradually appear later. Various methods have been adopted, but the problem of oxide scale cannot be removed.

In recent years, more and more new energy vehicles are manufactured, and the demand for auto parts has also increased, such as automobile connecting rods, crankshafts, gears and other forgings. The surface quality of many automotive precision forgings is not very good during the forging process, but at the same time The surface quality requirements of forgings are high, and major forging manufacturers are looking for ways to change the surface quality of forgings.

In response to the above market demand, Nanjing Descaling Technology has developed a forging scale cleaning machine. After customers who are forging auto parts learned about our equipment, they contacted Nanjing Descaling Technology about the descaling machine and sent for forging tests. The results are still very satisfactory, and they are very satisfied with the extremely small temperature drop after descaling of the forgings.

In addition, the scale cleaning machine chooses appropriate nozzles and arranges them reasonably. At the same time, the system pressure fluctuation is very small, which greatly improves the removal rate of the electric furnace oxide scale. After the oxide scale on the surface of the billet is removed, the surface is smooth and the quality of the product is greatly improved. This not only makes the appearance of the product beautiful, but also greatly improves the competitiveness of the product in the market. If you are still troubled by the oxide scale, then contact us soon.

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